Back to School Reminders

Early to bed for all.


Full uniform for all every day, pinafore, shirt, bow tie,(Juniors-Second) or tie,(Third –Sixth) black shoes and black tights on cold days, white ankle socks on warm days. NO KNEE SOCKS allowed. School jacket or another NAVY jacket. Hoodies may NEVER be worn in place of a jacket.


N.B., Keep the top button of the shirt tied and shoe laces on runners must be fully tied at all times. (If the collar of the shirt is tight, we can arrange for you to have a larger size, we have plenty nearly new shirts in school).


Make sure to allow time for a good breakfast. Some porridge, scrambled egg, brown bread or a smoothie are just some ideas. You know best, what suits your family. Avoid all sugary cereals that will give an energy boost, but, will not help concentration during the day.


Brush teeth each morning.


Pack a lunch which will include plenty savoury foods, chopped fruit and vegetables, a sandwich, some brown bread and AVOID any types of yogurts or yogurt drinks, as these are difficult to open and far too messy. Avoid cheese strings or other highly processed forms of cheese. These are high in salt and fat and of little food value. School milk is available, a note will be sent home giving details of cost. Water should be brought, by those not taking milk, as concentration is poor when dehydration sets in.


No fizzy/coloured drinks, popcorn, or crisps. NO nuts, as we have children with allergic reactions in school.


If our child needs an inhaler, this should be in her bag at all times.


Make sure to have a good homework routine. Remember, homework will include learning as well as written work. Learning spellings and tables as well as reading aloud is very important.


Above all, enjoy these very special times with your family. The ideal family routine is what is right for you and your children. As long as you have lots of happy times together, free from screens, out in the fresh air, enjoying meals around the kitchen table and listening to one another’s stories, then your children will grow up with a wonderful collection of happy memories.









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