Green School

The school was very honoured to be awarded its second green flag this year.

This award is a tribute to the ongoing dedication of our green school committee, comprising of pupils, parents and teachers, to the conservation of energy and recycling within the school.

Credit must also be given to the committee and indeed the entire school for raising awareness of this issue within our wider community. Jerry Buttimer T.D. attended on the day our second flag was raised and afterwards facilitated a trip to the Dáil for our Green School Committee members.

Environmentally friendly activities

Rang VI pupils collect peelings and skins daily from the classrooms and the staffroom and deposit these in a compost bin.

Rang V pupil inspect the yard and grounds daily for litter and every pupil is encouraged to pick up litter and to maintain a clean and healthy classroom.

Children are involved in caring for the school garden and the maintenance of window boxes and planted tubs.

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