September News

Welcome back to all, pupils, teachers and parents and especially to all who worked hard over the holidays and ensured the school is ready for you all on August 31st. We are really looking forward to having you all back with us again.

Welcome to all the girls who are joining us for the first time. We welcome, especially, all our new Junior Infants. It is hard for, you, the Mums and Dads who place them in our care, to understand, especially if this your first child, just how quickly the eight years ahead will pass. Treasure this very special year and take every opportunity to talk, read, recite nursery rhymes and explore this new experience with your daughter.

Beginning the new academic year can be a challenging time for all of the family. Moving from the more relaxed pace of the holidays to the busy term timetable, can put a strain on a household. It's important that everyone in the house pulls their weight. Doing little jobs at home increases your daughter’s self-esteem. This will increase your daughter’s own self-management skills.

As teachers, we recognise the difference between children who take responsibility around the home and those who have everything done for them. We hope that this effort will have long term positive results for our pupils and those around them both at home and at school.

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